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Diabetes Counseling 

Have you been diagnosed with type 1 or 2 diabetes or told that you are prediabetic and do not know how to progress with your health? Have you been living with diabetes and are struggling to manage your blood sugar? Meet Marylou! The Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) on our team to help answer your questions and ease your concerns surrounding diabetes.

A Certified Diabetes Educator is a healthcare professional who specializes in treating patients with diabetes through education and care. They help patients with diabetes by educating, advocating, and managing their diabetes throughout their life. 


Marylou partners with her patients to decide the best plan to manage their diabetes to improve their health and quality of life. 


She can formulate an individualized meal plan and exercise routine to ensure you are keeping your blood sugar stable with lifestyle changes. Her goal is for you to love what you’re eating, feel satisfied and at peace with your food, and never deprived. 


 Also, she can educate you on how to use your insulin pens, how often you need to check your blood sugar, and ways to cope with the lifestyle change.

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