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BiomeFx is a functional stool analysis that gives you the inside scoop into how balanced (or not) your microbiome is. The 19 page report provides valuable insight into the gut microbial ecosystem. The report provides customized nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.  This helps paint a picture of the overall strength, resiliency and health of the microbiome. With this information, your dietitian is able to provide individualized nutrition and lifestyle plans to help restore balance to the microbiome and build strength and resiliency.

The human gut harbors 100 trillion microorganisms including bacteria, yeast, fungi, and other microbes. This diverse ecosystem influences everything from immune function and digestion to emotional well-being and so much more. That's right- the microbiome impacts not only your digestion, but also liver health and function, hormone balance, nervous system disorders, skin conditions, autoimmunity, and metabolic dysfunction.  What this means is even if you don't have noticeable GI issues, but you struggle with your weight, skin, or mood, you would benefit from this test.  An unbalanced microbiome goes way beyond stomach issues and tells us a MUCH larger story. 

A healthy microbiome has pathogens (at low levels), a strong mucosal barrier, strong tight junctions, and low mucosal inflammation. An unhealthy microbiome has inflamed intestinal cells and an excessive amount of bacteria which releases LPS (Lipopolysaccharides) otherwise known as bacterial toxins. LPS can make it's way into the blood if you have an infection, leaky gut, or follow an unhealthy diet. In the blood, LPS travels causing systemic inflammation and is a driver of chronic health conditions.  BiomeFX will allow us to see who is in the gut, what they are doing there, and if there is balance.

Functional Gut Testing  


Discover the Root Cause of Health Challenges.

$449 per test
*3% processing fee and $10 shipping fee may apply

This test is recommended for patients exposed to the following dysbiosis (unbalanced gut) risk factors:

• Follow the Standard American Diet

• Exposure to environmental toxins like glyphosate (heavily sprayed on our food supply)

• Medication use (including antibiotics)

• History of infections

• Excessive alcohol intake

• Smoking

• Stress

• Lack of sleep

• Intense exercise

Using award-winning whole-genome sequencing, BiomeFx's report provides a roadmap to restore balance and build resiliency in the microbiome, influencing health systemically.

This simple at-home test reveals:

✔️ The abundance of 10 important keystone species  
✔️ The abundance of 34+ pathogens plus virulence factors  
✔️ Microbial cross-feeding relationships  
✔️ An analysis of 20+ functions of the microbiome such as hormones & neurotransmitters (GABA, glutathione, histamine, etc) + vitamin biosynthesis  such as Thiamin, Riboflavin, Pantothenic acid, Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6), Biotin, Folate, Cobalamin (Vitamin B12), Vitamin K2 


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Powered by CosmosID

CosmosID® is a gene sequencing laboratory that holds the world's largest database of microbial genomes. They are an industry leader in Whole Genome Sequencing—a cutting-edge technology that allows us to quantify the abundance of each microbial species rather than simply the presence or absence of each species. This gene sequencing technology has 99.9% specificity and 95.7% sensitivity and is the most accurate test on the market. 

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