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Whole Nutrition Center's 
Functional and
Nutrition Approach

At Whole Nutrition Center we provide our expertise and passion of nutrition by providing you with counseling and education. We will cut through the misinformation that's constantly being fed to Americans which has contributed to the obesity epidemic and rise of nutrition-related diseases. We will discuss how quick, fad-diets are harmful to your body & how eating real, whole foods will fuel and transform your body while naturally boosting your metabolism and wellbeing. We will educate you on how to get back to eating mindfully and intuitively.

We will create a supportive environment that will ensure your goals are understood and achieved. We will identify the barriers that are hindering you from achieving said goals. We will guide you to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support you as an individual. You will then be able to implement gradual, lifelong changes that will allow you to reach your current and future health goals. Small, realistic goals will allow you to learn while making sustainable changes. Your plan will be based on your individual needs, lifestyle, and food preferences using a holistic and evidenced-based approach.



I have struggled with my weight my whole life. Now in my fifties, these weight issues are leading to other health issues. After a particularly upsetting visit with my GP, I contacted Whole Nutrition Center and met with Julianne. She listened to me, understood my needs and taught me how to reverse my bad habits. She worked out wonderful meal plans for me to follow with good nutritious foods. I eat great food every day, enjoy my meals and am on my way to better health. Proof is in the numbers… sugar down 22%, A1C down 11%, bad cholesterol down, good cholesterol up and I’ve lost close to 60 lbs. Could not have done this without Julianne and I will always be grateful! -RL

I have been a multiple myeloma patient since 2008. For the first time Julianne met me at my level: she started by asking not the  types food I eat but what I liked to eat. After a long discussion while I was  receiving chemo, she suggested to make a list of food items I would love to  eat. This was the beginning of my healing: she suggested that I should start the day by  juicing and go along with a meal replacement shake (she even bought them for me!!!!). I couldn’t take in much initially but with her support and  counseling I began to take juices within some hour intervals. I began to see a lot of improvement. My energy came back and I could walk to the bus  stop to go for my chemo appointments. Julianne cares so much that she made dossiers and documentary on proper foods tailored to my needs.To  this day I continue to receive care, counseling and education from her. Julianne recommended and educated me on what nutrition would support my immune system and help my breathlessness and also boost my energy.  I’m so indebted to you, Julianne. Thank you so much for being a mother, a friend and a life support coach in my fight against cancer.- Your Friend, Augustine 

I am a busy working mom who has tried it all! From diets to doctors to support groups to  trying any article recommendations only to return back to the journey countless times. My doctor directed me towards Sara and my new chapter begun! After talking over my health concerns and goals she quickly became someone I trusted to guide and support my new process. She pointed me in the direction to eating clean and fueling my mind and body with what it needed. Together we discovered what my body craved and how to fuel it so that each day i could feel my very best. Months turned into a year and I got slimmer, smarter, energized and most of all healthier. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to guide me as I turn 50 in a year! “Together we are better!” As a teacher leader I understand the importance of finding the best fit leader in order to maximize success. Sara was mine! - JB

I wanted to send a note to let the company know that Julianne has been a tremendous help with information on nutrition for me. I have multiple auto immunes, and other medical issues that with her help has started me on a healthy journey. She is very caring, and  informed. I found her through my Cigna insurance plan that your company takes. Then I weeded her out of the people you have on staff through the profiles. She seemed like a good match for me, and it turns out she is. She listens and provides answers quickly. I'm very happy I found her and she's joining me in this crazy world of nutrition. I would absolutely recommend her.  She is an asset to your company. -DM

I started working with Rhiannon in February of this year. I had spent years following many fad diets and exercising like crazy but couldn't seem to lose any weight. I was unhappy with how I was feeling not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. I met with Rhiannon and to say my life has changed drastically would be an understatement. We worked together to get to the root of my dietary issues and concerns. I became more consistent with eating well- balanced meals while incorporating more whole foods and protein into my diet than ever before. I look forward to our monthly meetings and since we started working together, I have lost 40lbs! She has completely changed my outlook on nutrition, helped me become more consistent in a workout routine that works for me, and has provided endless support to me both physically and mentally! She is so knowledgable and has taught me so many great nutrition tips and tricks that have helped me maintain a new happier and healthier life style! I am forever grateful for her! -LG

I have been seeing Sara for 3 months and find her to have the answers to all my questions and concerns. Her disposition is so uplifting and encouraging. She keeps me from giving up and keeps me looking forward to our next session. Always thrilled with her suggestions that work for me. ​It was so hard for me to lose weight for all my life and i have finally started to consistently lose weight because of her, after dozens of other dietitians and nutritionists did not give me what I needed.​ I know I will be able to live a healthier life, maintain sustainable eating habits, make good choices and understand what to eat and what to avoid because of her educating me on food and wellness. She makes it interesting and enjoyable to plan what I will eat. She makes me feel good about myself and my healthy happy future. She offers much more than a diet."- MO

Being overweight is something I have battled with since I was a little boy. I have been overweight my entire life. My struggle had always been portion control and what to include in my meals. (Meals use to consist of mostly carbs). In 2019 I met Sara and my weight loss journey began. Sara took her time in learning about my day-to-day life and eating habits. We set goals and plans during our sessions on things I can eat (healthier food choices) and portion control and still enjoy every meal with the healthier options. Sara takes her time each session in communicating and listening when meeting and when talking about healthier food options she has motivated me in making healthier food choices and have just the right balance on my plate to eat and I look forward every time I weigh myself thanks to her. She is very knowledgeable, compassionate, ethical, and passionate about her job. Thanks to her teachings and expertise I know what portions on a plate are and make healthier food choices and I’m very mindful when food shopping, eating at home, and dining out. -BE

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