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Whole Nutrition Center's functional and integrative nutrition approach

At Whole Nutrition Center we provide our expertise and passion of nutrition by providing you with counseling and education. We will cut through the misinformation that's constantly being fed to Americans which has contributed to the obesity epidemic and rise of nutrition-related diseases. We will explain to you how quick, fad-diets are harmful to your body & how eating real, whole foods will fuel and transform your body while naturally boosting your metabolism and wellbeing.

We will create a supportive environment that will ensure your goals are understood and achieved. We will identify the barriers that are hindering you from achieving said goals. We will guide you to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support you as an individual. You will then be able to implement gradual, lifelong changes that will allow you to reach your current and future health goals. Small, realistic goals will allow you to learn while making sustainable changes. Your plan will be based on your individual needs, lifestyle, and food preferences using a holistic and evidenced-based approach.

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"I am a busy working mom who has tried it all! From diets to doctors to support groups to  trying any article recommendations only to return back to the journey countless times. My doctor directed me towards Sara and my new chapter begun! After talking over my health concerns and goals she quickly became someone I trusted to guide and support my new process. She pointed me in the direction to eating clean and fueling my mind and body with what it needed. Together we discovered what my body craved and how to fuel it so that each day i could feel my very best. Months turned into a year and I got slimmer, smarter, energized and most of all healthier. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to guide me as I turn 50 in a year! “Together we are better!” As a teacher leader I understand the importance of finding the best fit leader in order to maximize success. Sara was mine!" - JB

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